Rubber Curbs

Park-It parking curbs from GNR Technologies are a smart, safe and cost-saving option. They are ideal for effective delineation of parking and for use in the protection of walls, vehicles and other valuables in all garage and surface parking applications.

The following would be ideal locations: airports, hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, municipal parking lots, restaurants, homes, industrial buildings, and public and private surface parking facilities.

Park-It parking curbs, which are made from recycle tire rubber, are available with yellow stripes or white stripes on black and white stripes on blue. The rubber composite material is made from 100% recycled rubber with polyurethane prepolymer binder; compression-molded, resistant to UV, moisture, and oil.

Reasons to choose rubber products over concrete include the reduction of environmental pollution, no damage to cars or pedestrians and the easy installation of lightweight materials.​




Model # Description Dimensions Weight
16101 Yellow Striped 6' (L) x 6" (W) x 4" (H) 34 lbs / ea.
16201 White Striped 6' (L) x 6" (W) x 4" (H) 34 lbs / ea.


Park-It Parking Curbs:

Lightweight -- 34 lbs. each

Resistant to warping, cracking, chipping or rotting

Easy handling -- one-person installation

Resistant to UV, moisture, oil and extreme temperature variance

Removable, storable, and relocatable

North Carolina D.O.T. approved

Manufacturer's warranty

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